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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel alignments are crucial for a safe ride. When it comes to the car wheel, they have to roll straight, point in the same direction and keep the tyres evenly balanced. However, if they are misaligned, they start to cause wear and tear on the tyres, making your rides unsafe. This is why you need to keep them aligned and balanced. Zira Autocare specialises in wheel alignment and wheel balancing services & help you get the best performance from your car.

So, When Do You Need To Balance Them?

  • Vehicle pulling in the opposite direction
  • Squealing noise from the tyres
  • Rapid tyre wear
  • Poor suspension system
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight
  • When you’re getting new tyres to fit your wheels
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Why Your Car Wheels Get Misaligned?

Wheel alignment has only little to do with the wheels but a lot with your car’s suspension system. It directs the wheels at what angle and direction should roll. When there is too much strain on the axle, your car wheels may go out of alignment. Especially, when you drive daily or have to hit too many bumps, your car wheels may need balancing and alignment. Though it’s a normal occurrence, you need to be aware and bring it to our auto repair shop to fix it as soon as possible.

At Zira Autocare, we perform wheel alignment along with wheel balancing to prevent premature tyre wear and run checks on the car’s suspension system.

How Our Wheel Alignment Service Can Make A Difference?

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced driving experience
  • High performance tyres & improved vehicle safety
  • Better vehicle handling

Even if you have a favourite wheel brand on a budget, we have wheels from multiple brands and fix the right wheels & tyres for your vehicle.

If you suspect misalignment in your wheels and looking for a wheel alignment & balancing service, call Ziro Autocare on