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Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Do you want to repair your brakes? Brake pads? Or Calipers? The ultimate auto repair shop to service your brakes is Zira Autocare. Brakes are a crucial component in a vehicle & it needs to be serviced from time to time. Brakes vary by model, type & our expert brake technicians have hands-on experience in handling various brake models & assure you the right brake repair & replacement service for your vehicle.

Brake pads and rotors wear out from the immense heat they encounter. At Zira Autocare, we take time to assess the condition of your brakes, understand what type of repairs it needs, and inform you of the best repair options for you.

Also, not every component of the brake system needs to be replaced. Our brake technicians can tell you what needs to be replaced, which needs repair.

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When Do You Need to Get Them Replaced?

  • Your vehicle’s dash light continues to be on.
  • Surface cracks from brake rotors.
  • The vehicle pulls to the other side or is unable to stop when applying brakes.
  • Noise from the brakes
  • Brake fluid leak
  • Brake pad wear and tear

Brake Service At Zira Autocare

  • We diagnose and inspect your brake system thoroughly & ensure it functions in top condition.
  • For routine brake maintenance & quality replacements, you can rely on us.
  • We’ll smooth your brake pad if required or change the brake rotors to fix it.
  • From brake fluid repairs to fixing leak repairs, we can assure you the best service for you.
  • We have genuine quality parts from top brands and install them if necessary.

Depending on the type, model, climate, road conditions, and year, your brake components may need to be and checked & replaced. You can check your manufacturer’s manual or else leave your vehicle to service every 10,000 miles. Our service technicians recommend you to follow the manufacturer manual and bring it to our auto repair shop for servicing.

If you’re having any trouble with your brake system or suspect an issue, call Zira Autocare on 03 9743 3005